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About Pectus Services

Pectus Services has consistently improved countless Pectus Carinatum deformities (also known as pigeon chest), from mild to the most severe cases in kids, teens and young adults from all around the United States and internationally since 1996. Pectus Services is world renowned for outstanding results and has drawn patients from the United Kingdom, Australia, Denmark, Hong Kong and many others.

What began with helping just one child with a Pectus defect, using an exercise program and a roughly made bracing device in the mid-90s, has now developed into the most comprehensive, physician accepted, non-surgical Pectus Carinatum Bracing and Improvement Program available.

For young people affected by Pectus Excavatum, the T-Joe Flaring Rib Brace and T-Joe Exercise Programs have proven invaluable for treating mild/early  Pectus Excavatum defects, pre and post surgical care, as well as overall enhanced cosmetic and physical outcomes.

Female clients are very happy with our proprietary design of the only female-friendly Pectus brace available for young ladies, and they love the optional pink color too! Now, with recent modifications in padding technology, young adult woman and/or those women with severe Pectus Carinatum defects can now be improved using bracing.

By choosing Pectus Services for improvement of your Pectus deformity, you will be receiving care from a company that stands alone as the most experienced provider offering a comprehensive Pectus Bracing and Improvement Program. Additionally, the T-Joe Pectus Bracing System is the only FDA registered bracing device for Pectus Carinatum in the United States.

Our program includes:

  • Diagnosis of the Pectus condition by your doctor
  • Our Flagship T-Joe Pectus Brace customized to the specific Pectus deformity
  • A custom tailored exercise and stretching program for you to follow with approval from your doctor
  • Medical massage from our licensed therapist or one that is local to your home
  • Monitoring of the Pectus over time to make modifications if needed
  • Around the clock support by phone, email, in-person or Skype all in coordination through your doctor

Our website contains a wealth of information for you. We invite you to explore the site to learn more about our company, our services, and how we can help improve a Pectus defect.