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How To Take Pectus Photos

During your T-Joe Pectus Brace treatment you may need to take a set of photos to monitor your results, which you will then email to our office and/or your doctor. Follow the guidelines below and the sample photos  on page 2 of this PDF for best results:

  • Stand with heels about 12 inches away from a solid, dark colored wall. Dim the room lights to prevent excessive glare off the skin.
  • Keep arms at side with a relaxed and natural stance. Eyes should be looking straight ahead, not at the camera, head level.
  • The camera person should stay in the same spot and have the Pectus person rotate/move so that each photo is the same distance from the camera.
  • When taking the photos the camera should be at the same level as the Pectus defect. So if the patient is a child the cameraman may have to kneel.
  • The photos should be taken from the nose down to about an inch below the navel. Please, no face. Remove shoes – socks or bare feet only.
  • For males and undeveloped females (children) remove all clothing from the waist up. The chest should be bare skin.
  • For developed females the breast area needs to be covered but not the pectus defect. A sports bra or compression shirt can also be worn.
  • Take the photos of the pectus person at the following angles:
    1. Front View
    2. Left side view
    3. Left 45 degree
    4. Backview
    5. Right side view
    6. Right 45 degree
    7. Top down view
    8. Bottom up view

See the photo examples in this PDF for a better understanding