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“M’s” Story


I wanted to write and thank you for everything you have done for my son M. The time and care that you took with him Thursday for his initial brace fitting was amazing. It is evident with your phone calls to him and me prior to the appointment, coupled with the way you comforted him during the brace fitting that you care deeply about the kids you help. I feel truly blessed that you and Pectus Services were referred to us to fix M’s chest. Although I am sure he will not enjoy every day wearing his brace, we both look forward to the next 40-weeks with you taking care of him and the ultimate outcome.

For other parents thinking about Pectus Services and having Joe use the T-Joe Pectus Bracing System for your child, I can only say that you will not only be amazed at what Joe will do with your child’s pectus deformity, but you will be truly in awe of the man helping your child – Joe.

Thank you Joe. We look forward to the journey that lies ahead and M’s new chest at the end of that road!

David (the Dad!)