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“D’s” Story

Dearest Mr. Joe,

In case you were wondering I am Jessica, D’ s Mom. I just wanted to reach out to you and express just how thankful we are that we found you.

When D was about 4 years old I noticed a slight difference in her chest, I didn’t think much of it I just thought she had a large sternum. As the years I went on I quickly came to grips with the fact that it wasn’t just a large sternum because now the growth has consumed the entire middle portion of her chest. I took her to John’s Hopkins and they gave me her diagnosis as pectus carinatum and bracing as the treatment. I was still clueless so I gave it another two years hoping it would correct itself.

D went through so much at school with the name calling and the jokes and the restrictions from me because I didn’t want her to fall and puncture her lungs or heaven forbid her heart. I took D back to John’s Hopkins after her chest protrusion had gotten much worse and thats when they suggested I really need to get her bracing. After that I was only to be discouraged due to insurance issues who denied the treatment.

But when we met you my worries were put behind me you are truly heaven sent Joe and I am truly grateful to you for what you have given D in the form of self confidence, self esteem and happiness about herself. But mostly that she is a normal 11 yr old body. D has only been bracing with you a short time and she and myself will remember you and everything you have done for us for the rest of our lives.

She can ware a bathing suite without worrying if anyone is looking at her she, can run and play without me yelling at her to stop running because she may fall, onto her chest bone, she now notices her brests are developing as they should and she smiles more because she no longer feels like she is different from her peers. I once worried about her needing to seek counseling because of all the names and constant teasing at school but not anymore and I owe all that to you!

Thank you so much for your efforts and complete success in D’s life we can never ever thank you enough!!!

Jessica! (D’s Mom)