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Jacob’s Story

Hello Joe

Well today is Jacobs’ one year anniversary since his bracing date. Wow he looks amazing. His self confidence is so much better than before you fixed his pectus.
He’s gone from being a D-F student to an A-B student. He is a senior now and plans to join the Navy after he graduates. I’m so proud of him!

Joe I can’t thank you and Dr. Losasso enough for what you have done for us. Being out here in Hawaii we didn’t have many options until I did the research and found you. I took him to Kaiser who said that he was fine and that there was nothing that they could do for him. After I told them about you they were willing to do surgery that involved cutting his ribs down and a 10 day hospital stay, lots of pain, an epidural and a catheter and the risk of infection. I’m so glad I found you and didn’t let them do this horribly invasive surgery.

Jacob was wearing his brace every night while he slept up until a few weeks ago and now that he’s sure that his pectus is gone he feels confident enough to stop wearing it. I don’t think he needed to wear as long as he did but I let him do it his way. I’m so proud of his devotion to the brace as I didn’t know if he would keep wearing it as long as necessary. Well he went above and beyond my expectations. Again, he now looks perfect! I catch him touching the area all the time to make sure it hasn’t come back. These kids go through so much and when the pectus is corrected it takes time for them to believe that it’s really gone.

I thank god for you every day Joe! You have changed our lives in so many positive ways. Thank you so very much!

I hope that all the other parents of the kids out there with this problem find you and trust you because your brace truly works. You are so understanding of the chest anatomy and the pectus problem and have devoted your life to fix them. I just can’t thank you enough. If anyone out there wants to talk to me personally I’d be more than happy to share our story and encourage you to trust Joe to help your child as he has mine.

God Bless You Joe, we love you.
Melekalikimaka and Much Aloha,