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Pectus Services International Division – London England

Our address and location is as follows:
The Pectus Clinic
Spire St. Anthony’s Hospital
801 London Road
North Cheam
Surrey SM3 9DW

For 20 years, the T-Joe Pectus Bracing & Exercise Program has resulted in over 2,000 successful outcomes, using our non-surgical bracing and exercise program all around the world.

In response to the many requests from families throughout the United Kingdom, Ireland and Europe, Pectus Services has now teamed up with The Pectus Clinic at Spire St. Anthony’s Hospital to provide a full service Pectus Facility in the UK.

Our T-Joe Brace is the only brace you will need to improve your Pectus defect, unlike other brace shops who are selling two braces to correct a Pectus deformity. In addition, no over the shoulder straps are needed. Each T-Joe Brace is custom fabricated on-site during your appointment. No need to wait for your brace to be delivered.

Families choosing non-surgical treatment for their children with Pectus Carinatum (pigeon chest) can be treated in our Oxford or London locations. Pectus Services International Division – UK, Ireland and Europe is under the Direction and Supervision of Mr. Ian Hunt, a widely recognized Pectus expert and highly respected Consultant Thoracic Surgeon. For more information about Mr. Hunt, you can click here:

If your child has a Pectus deformity, you can schedule an appointment with The Pectus Clinic by calling The Pectus Clinic administrator on +44 (0)7493 124025 or Spire St. Anthony’s by calling +44 (0)20 8337 6691 or emailing You can also visit our website and fill out the Information Request Form with your details.

Once your information is received, you will be contacted by a UK based Pectus Clinic administrator  who will schedule your appointment. Your initial examination will be with Mr. Hunt to determine if your child is a candidate for the T-Joe Pectus Bracing and Exercise Program. If so, our Pectus Coordinator will schedule your T-Joe Pectus Brace fitting.